3 Soorten Koffie 

Hou je van een sterke donkere espresso?
De espresso koffie is warm en sterk van smaak en kan ook als mooie ondergrond voor een cappuccino

Heb je het meest zin in koffie met een sinaasappel of  limoen tintje?

Drink je graag koffie met een extra verhaal, over veerkracht van vrouwen gemeenschappen of het beschermen van kwetsbare ecosystemen?

Hieronder lees je over onze 3 soorten koffie en hun verhaal.
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3 soorten koffie

Het verhaal achter Zawadee

The 330 women of the Kabng’etuny Women in Coffee Association lovingly nurture coffee on breathtaking plantations in the rolling Nandi Hills.
We take pride in roasting the first Fairtradecertified coffee grown by smallholder women coffee farmers in Kenya.
Notes of tamarind, orange and chocolate are combined with the zest of lemon acidity, resulting in a bright finish.

Taste: balanced body-lemon acidity-bright finish-hints of tamarind, orange & chocolate

Roasted by Mohammed, Fred & Godwin

Het verhaal achter Gourmet

Kenyan coffee is graded according to size, although some of the highest quality coffee beans can also be found in smaller sizes. Our
combination of three bean varietals in two sizes results in our uniquely delicious blend.
Roasting at temperatures around 190°C for 13 minutes results in citrus acidity, and a smooth finish. The complex tones of butter, vanilla &
ash become more pronounced as the coffee cools after roasting, leaving a balanced body.

Taste: balanced body - citrus acidity - smooth finish
hints of butter, vanilla & ash

Roasted by Mohammed, Fred & Godwin

Het verhaal achter Espresso

Kenya's high altitudes, ideal climate and strong farming traditions result in truly spectacular coffee, characterised by bright acidity, complex notes and sweetness.
Roasting at temperatures reaching 195°C for 17 minutes unlocks hints of burnt sugar in this full-bodied coffee, offering the sweetness of vanilla malt, mild orange peel acidity and the subtle flavours of baker’s chocolate, leaving a lingering finish.

Taste: full body-orange acidity-lingering finish-hints of vanilla, burnt sugar & chocolate

Roasted by Mohammed, Fred & Godwin